Self Storage, what is it?

Self Storage is a rapidly growing way of storing items when you move home, renovating property or just decluttering. The key thing that makes self storage different from traditional storage is the word Self. You rent a space or a room or a container from a storage company, however you fill the room yourself. This is self storage in its basic version and many storage companies have spun off various different services form this main service. Some Self Storage companies even have people running small business's from storage units within their storage facilities.


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How we can help you.

We have lots of free advice on storing your items within self storage units, advice on the different types of storage units available and which will suit you best.
You can locate your nearest storage centres by putting your postcode in the search box above and then request a quote form the self storage companies located near to you.

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10% off Storage boxes

Request a quote for your storage requirements form the self storage companies listed on and recieve a 10% discount code to be used with for moving and storage boxes to help you move items into store.



Most popular Storage uses

  • Renovating or decorating
  • Declutter your life
  • Moving home
  • Business Storage
  • Collection storage

Storage Advice & Checklists

  • Why self storage?
  • Top tips to save money
  • How to calculate space required?
  • How does self storage work?
  • Your Self Storage Checklist?

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